Tassel Time

The sun is poppin out these days, therefore spring/summer trends are poppin off.

As a shopaholic with an empty wallet I gotta get creative at times. Can’t resort to stealing (for obvious moral reasons) so I often ask myself – how can one keep their clout level 100 without blowing all their monies?

Well fam I got a tip for you~

While shopping around some local stores and the mall, I noticed a trend emerging. Everything tassel. Tassel jewelry is back. Tassel trimmed clothing is in. And you know what else? I want to be in.

So to make that happen, I waived my tassel fairy wand and POOF! voila, whipped up some #ontrend #onpoint ombre tassel earings in less than 30 min and for a grand total of $2. There must have been magic in the air because this DIY is also ecofriendly, as it includes upcycling some materials you may already have on hand.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s tassel time!

What you’re going to need are two old earrings ( I used earrings that no longer had their match), 6 rolls of embroidery thread ( I had some lying around the house), a needle, and a positive attitude (because duh)


To begin, you are going to need to remove any old charms connected to the earring hooks. This is quite easy to

Sayonara boring earrings!

do but small pliers may be needed if you want to avoid breaking a nail or a sweat.


Now it’s time to throw some shade. Time to get that obmre snatched. Begin by removing any paper and packaging from your embroidery floss. Next, unwind about 7 inches of floss from2 your skein and cut it off. Tie the cut string around the remainder of the skein of floss as shown in the photo.

Now grab your medium shade of embroidery floss. Remove any and all packaging from the skein. Once again, cut a string off from the skein and tie it around the center of the remaining skein like before.

Next, grab a needle and thread the string tied around the lightest skein into the needle. Poke the needle into the center of the medium shaded skein. You have now connected two tassels.


We are now almost done! Moving onto the top, outermost layer of the tassel earring, you need to grab the darkest shade of string. Once again cut a piece of string off from the skein. This time, fold the skein in half. Using the bit of string cut off, tie a bubble almost to the end of the middle fold of the yarn. This creates a real ~profesh~ tassel look (which we are aiming for).

Thread the now connected lighter two skeins of string through the darkest skein. At this point all three layers of colored thread should be connected. Tie the connector string to the earring hook and voila! One earring down, one more to go!


Once completed for both earring hooks, trim the excess thread to create a stacked ombre effect.

Now go and whip up a lil hair do to show them babies off! Live that excellent, ecofriendly, extra life!

Cheers ecofam,





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