Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the greenest of them all?

What if it could be you! YAS YEW!

Roll up your sleeves, and get ready for this do it yourself mirror. This DIY tutorial, will guide you in making the most glamorously green mirror out there. If you like to pretend to be #rich, while simultaneously being environmentally friendly then hunny I am here to tell you that you CAN have it all. Just follow this tutorial below.

This tutorial popped into my head while wandering the isles of TJ Maxx. I was  entranced in a full on shopping blackout, when a full length mirror caught my eye. Despite being a full cart deep in a TJ Maxx trance I somehow resisted spending $100 on that mirror. Maybe you’ll get me next time TJ Maxx, but until then I’ll keep stackin’ those Benjamin’s in my bank account. Recovering from a TJ’s blackout, I figured I could still fulfil my mirror dreams by repurposing a mirror I already had. With a glass of wine in hand (still pretending to be #rich here), and some recycled cardboard this do it yourself project was born.


This DIY requires five simple items- a full length mirror (one of those basic kinds you probably already have works perfectly), some cardboard, contact paper, a pair of scissors, E6000 glue, and a ruler.

~Bonus~  adopt a pet to take mirror pics with (see above photo of my pup Blu making an appearance)!

1With supplies in hand you begin with measuring. Using your ruler, measure out strips of cardboard in your desired length and width. The goal is to cover the boarder of your mirror. I made my strips six inches in width, and long enough to fit5.jpg around the boarder of my mirror. You will need to measure out four strips of cardboard (see example photo on right). You want them to fit together like a puzzle. (This is where that math you learned in high school you thought you would never use FINALLY comes in). We will call these cut outs puzzle pieces.

Your cut outs are going to need to have 45 degree angles to fit together properly. Don’t know how to draw a perfect 45 degree angle? No problem, none of us are that perfect so I have devised a fool proof way to achieve this! To cut your corners at 45 degree angles, draw a square around the corner you need to cut. My width of my border was six inches so I drew a six inch by six inch square. Once the square is drawn, draw a line straight through the square. And voila! You now have made a 45 degree angle *insert high five*! Go ahead and cut along the line you drew through the middle. Repeat this process eight times, cutting all eight corners at 45 degree angles. Be mindful to pay attention to what way the puzzle piece needs to slant.

2Now that you have all of your puzzle pieces cut out, the fun part begins. Time to wrap those suckers in some contact paper. It’s a good thing that contact paper is essentially one gigantic sticker rolled up into a tube, because it makes it so easy to fake expensive things. To fake being #rich I use marble printed contact on essentially all surfaces in my house (see my blog post here Farble and Faux Fur for more info). Farble in hand, cut out a sheet large enough to wrap around each puzzle piece. Just like wrapping a Christmas present, cover the side of each puzzle piece in farble.

Your mirror is almost done! Now that everything is farbled up, assemble you puzzle along the border of your mirror. Glue each piece down using the E600 glue. Allow at least 30 minutes of dry time for this project. Side note- waiting for glue to dry pairs nicely with another glass of wine.

Once dry go ahead and hang up your beaut!


Now that your project is complete, back to the question-  mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the greenest of them all?

You are, you little EcoKween!

Strike a pose, and capture all of your best #OOTD’s!

Share your mirror creations with me on Instagram @ecokween

~Hugs, kisses, and shameless selfies,






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