Who put the “k” in queen?


The phrase “kween” is tossed around social media and everywhere else I seem to turn. It truly feels like a win to finally find my name printed on those personalized keychains you find in stores. Although Kween is not really my name, it is very dear to my heart. I cannot tell you who truly coined the word, I can only tell you my relationship with it.

Back in 2012, while serving with CityYear- see my post on working with AmeriCorps, a student of mine wrote me an acrostics poem. Now, as a teacher and mentor figure, you’re told not to pick favorites but oops, I did anyways (it just happens). This poem was written and given to me by one of my favorite students- we will call him Little Ritchie.

The first day on the job, I walked through the doors of the middle school gymnasium and immediately, out of no where Little Ritchie appeared and was attached to my hip. He was a seventh grade student, cunning like a little leprechaun, with an evil little laugh which bubbled out of him regularly.

As I co-taught Little Ritchie’s English as a Second Language class our bond grew stronger. He progressed throughout the  school year with ease, as academics came naturally to him. One day he handed me a piece of folded up paper. Inside, written on it was a poem.

Little Ritchie had written an acrostics poem featuring both of our names. The letter “K” for my name stood for kween. I guess that was his way of making the word queen fit into the piece because later on he told me he copied parts of the poem out of a book (insert face palm).


Over the time I spent with Little Ritchie we shared a myriad  amount of meaningful moments. This poem represents the collection of them I now hold as memories. The bond I formed with students like Little Ritchie made working long hours in a school so beyond worth it.  However, just as fast as he appeared behind those gymnasium doors, he disappeared. No one has seen him since.

The word kween has stuck with me throughout the years and has become adopted as my nick name. It inspires me to continue to seek opportunities that make meaningful bonds like the ones I made while serving with AmeriCorps. It also inspires me to move forward in life with confidence, because one cannot slouch while wearing the crown of a kween.

Until next,

Share with me what inspires you to live like the kweens we all are


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