Farble and Faux Fur

Alright everybody. Pinky’s up for this post.

If you are aspiring to have a Pinterest-worthy home that would rival the set of The Great Gatsby, all for the low. Then this is for you.

Got 20 minutes to spare? I am going to show you how to make some golden bar stools that glam up any space. These babies shine bright like a Bad Girl RiRi diamond, and certainly do not disappoint.

These stools are also eco friendly (insert hair flip) as I have used  second hand bar stools and fabric. I encourage all of you to use pre-loved furniture as it is much more affordable and reduces waste. What’s old can be made new again with a little creativity.

What you are going to need are two or more barstools, faux fur fabric (I repurposed fabric from an old costume), gold paint or gold spray paint, a paint brush, marble contact paper, a staple gun, scissors, and a tape measure.1 All items pictured are inexpensive and can all be purchased from Walmart. If you do not have a staple gun, I recommend asking a handy neighbor to borrow one!

Step One:

Your first step in the process will be to spray paint or paint the legs of your barstools. I chose the color gold. In the photo above, I used spray paint to paint the legs of the bar stool and acrylic paint to paint the seat of the bar stool. If you look closely the legs are a little more shiny and reflective.  I would advise using the spray paint method. It is quicker, fool proof and hello- the shinier the better.

Step Two:

Once dry, cut out enough faux fur fabric to cover the seat of one barstool. Once cut out, lay the fabric on your workspace right side down. This means lay the fuzzy part down and touching the floor. The underbelly of your faux fur hide should be facing you. This is where the fun begins- staple time! Pick up your staple gun and begin stapling the faux fur to the underside of the seat. This is super quick and easy to do!

Internally screaming over the outcome of this gorge stool

Step Three:

Now, open up that marble contact paper. I call this stuff farble! It is basically a giant sticker that gives the appearance of glamorous marble but in an awesomely fake form. Farble is a great dupe for the broke and boujee. Farble and faux fur  make a gorgeous pair.

Now, taking your other barstool, trace the seat of the barstool on the back of the farble paper.

Step Four:

Using your handy tape measure, measure the diameter of the seat of your barstool as well as the width. Cut out a strip of farble paper that matches those measurements.

Steps three and four shown above

Step Five:

Now that both pieces of the farble are cut out, its time to peel and stick! I recommend adhering the  seat sticker first. Simply peel back the backing of the farble and stick your sticker right onto the seat! Made a mistake? No worries! Farble is very forgiving. Simply unpeel and try again. Once adhered to your liking, stick on the trip piece of farble. Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles.


Step Six:

Marvel at your new masterpiece! It is a true pièce de résistance(anything in French just seems more fancy)!

Step Seven:

Enjoy your upcycled furniture. Take pride in it- show it off on the ‘gram, take a selfie on it, sit down and unwind with a drink (they ain’t called barstools for nothin), however you rejoice take pride in the fact that you have made an upcycled project that is glam AF!

Until next time,

Pinky’s up EcoKweens

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